Tyre Puncture

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24hrs Car Tyre Puncuter Repair Service

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Tyre Puncture

Singapore Island-wide
24hrs Car Tyre Puncuter Repair Service

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Every car owner encounters the occasional punctured tyre, an issue that arises without warning, often at the most inconvenient times. A tyre puncture doesn’t align with your schedule and demands immediate attention. If you find yourself with a flat tyre at home, resist the temptation to drive on it. Doing so can harm the tyre’s sidewall and could lead to costlier repairs or the need for a full tyre replacement due to further damage.

Battery Tyre repair service brings the solution directly to your doorstep, saving you the hassle of leaving home to fix a flat tyre. Should you require our assistance, simply reach out to us. Upon your call, our skilled mechanics are promptly deployed to your location, fully equipped to handle the repair. We specialize in swift and efficient tyre patching, and if needed, we’ll also attend to your spare tyre, ensuring you’re ready to hit the road again in no time. If your current tyre is irreparable, we’ll guide you through the next steps to ensure your vehicle’s safety and performance.

Upon booking our service, we’ll immediately provide you with an estimated arrival time and a transparent quote for the tyre repair. Our seasoned mechanics, known for their expertise, will handle your vehicle with the utmost care and professionalism. Once we arrive, we’ll promptly remove the affected wheel to pinpoint the issue. If the tyre is repairable, we’ll swiftly mend the puncture. For tyres that can’t be patched, we’ll either replace it on the spot or provide a spare to get you to the nearest repair facility.

After repairing the tyre, we’ll securely reattach the wheel to your car and adjust the tyre pressure to your vehicle’s recommended settings, ensuring the repair is complete and your drive is safe.

Safety is not a mere word for us; it is a responsibility that we carry with pride. We ensure that the repair is conducted in a secure environment. If the current location poses any risk, we suggest a nearby alternative where our technicians can work undisturbed and with full efficiency. Our state-of-the-art mobile tyre service vans are more than just repair shops on wheels—they represent our commitment to service, capable of accommodating up to 24-inch diameter wheels.

As part of our comprehensive service, we don’t just look at the problem at hand. We evaluate your tyres for signs of uneven wear, which could indicate further issues with alignment or suspension. By identifying these early, we provide you with advice and solutions, directing you to one of our many locations where these adjustments can be made. It’s all part of ensuring that your journey with us is as smooth and secure as the ride on your newly serviced tyres.

Singapore Island-wide
24hrs Tyre Puncture Repair Service

When you’re faced with a tyre puncture, our priority is to get you back on the road safely and swiftly. We’ll start by thoroughly assessing the condition of your tyre to determine the best course of action. If a simple puncture repair is all that’s needed, we’ll quickly and efficiently patch it up. However, should we find that the damage is too severe for a standard repair, we’ll advise you to replace the tyre immediately. This proactive approach ensures you won’t face the same issue shortly, giving you peace of mind whether you’re commuting, traveling, or just running errands.

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24hrs Car Jump Start Service

We will diagnose your car battery to ensure that your car battery health is still in good condition and proceed with just a car jump start service, but if your car battery is failing even after a car jump start has been done, we will advice our customers to get their batteries changed on the spot to avoid another breakdown again while driving or not being able to start after your car has been parked and engine has been switched off.

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Types of bad car tyre

It is a known fact that there are problems with vehicle tyres that cause a significant proportion of road accidents on roads worldwide. In any case, avoiding being a victim of such situations would ensure that you regularly check your car tyre condition and have it fixed on time. Stay safe and get proper repair service for car tyres.

Tread Damage

Tread damage matters for tires, especially the outer tread layer crucial for grip. Issues include wear from friction, uneven patterns due to factors like misalignment or aggressive driving, reducing grip and handling. Punctures and cuts from debris risk leaks or sudden blowouts, while immediate damage from obstacles harms tread.

Focus on tread damage, especially outer tread, for tire health. Uneven wear due to friction, misalignment, or aggressive driving reduces grip. Debris-caused punctures and cuts risk leaks and blowouts, while impact damage harms tread. Regular checks, rotations, proper inflation are essential for tire performance and safety.


Punctures are a common issue, rendering car tires unsafe. They occur when sharp objects penetrate the tread or sidewall, causing leaks or deflation. This risk includes sudden blowouts while driving, compromising safety.

Punctures vary in size and location, affecting air pressure and integrity. Some are repairable if small and in the tread, while larger or sidewall punctures may need tire replacement. Regular checks and prompt action are vital. Tire sealants or spares can provide temporary solutions until professional repair.

Nail holes

This is probably one of the most common issue faced by car owner. Sometimes there are loose nail or bolt on the road that you drive through, and it made a hole on your tyre. This issue can be remedied with sidewall puncture.

This is probably one of the most common issues faced by car owners. Sometimes, as you navigate the roads, unforeseen obstacles like loose nails or bolts can find their way onto your path, leading to a frustrating situation where your tire sustains a puncture or hole. Sidewall punctures, caused by such road debris, can be particularly concerning. While traditional punctures in the tread area can often be repaired, sidewall punctures are more challenging to address.

Cuts up to 6mm on the tyre tread

This kind of damage usually happens because the tyre is worn past the wear indicator bars located on tyre. The only way to resolve this issue is to change the tyre, since it already past its usable life.

Cuts up to 6mm on the tire tread can be concerning as they indicate a significant level of wear and potential compromise to the tire’s structural integrity. These cuts often result from extended use beyond the tire’s intended lifespan, surpassing the wear indicator bars that serve as markers of safe tread depth.

Highly recommended!!! Arrived as promised by 70 minutes. Nicholas has all his flat tyre rescue gears in his van. Fixed my flat tyre and checked for further leakages. All done within 15 minutes. Very glad with his service.

Germaine Yang

Just so nice, my vehicle could not start due to flat battery. Battery Tyre Road Rescue came at the best time! Reach my vehicle in Marsiling multistorey carpark within 1 hour and got my car battery replaced in no time! The guy’s very professional and friendly! I feel price wise is really acceptable. Imagine traditionally I had to call tow truck, follow to workshop to replace battery then i can start my errands. Thank you so much for saving my day! Highly recommended to everyone! FYI, the victim vehicle was a BMW 216d.

Richmond Lim

Nicholas responded fast to patch my punctured tyre. He even ensured all my tyres are fully inflated with the appropriate pressure..He has patiently sharing some tyres caring tips as well. Good service and recommended

Lew Mun Soon
What should I do if I experience a car tyre puncture?
If you notice a sudden loss of air pressure or suspect a puncture, it's important to slow down and pull over to a safe location. Avoid driving on a flat tyre as it can cause further damage. Contact Battery Tyre for assistance with our Car Tyre Puncture Repair service.
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